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Explore a wealth of old photos from Clarendon Park’s past and find out about the history of the area all the way back to its 19th century origins. Enjoy a glimpse into Clarendon Park’s social and architectural history through old photos, postcards and curated memories of Leicester’s history. You’ll be surprised at the colourful stories behind some of the familiar streets and buildings you see every day.

Ghost sign in Clarendon Park, Leicester - Parkinsons

Ghost Signs of Clarendon Park

Ghost signs are everyday whispers of the past. These painted advertisements, faded and largely ignored, give a tantalising glimpse into the recent history of an area.…

A postcard of Clarendon Park Road in Leicester, posted in 1908

Clarendon Park Road in 1908

Picture the scene: It’s Saturday morning. You’ve just stepped out of the Northern Cobbler after enjoying a drop of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and a salted caramel and…