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Candies and Cakes in Clarendon Park

This photo was taken sometime in the 1950s or 1960s and shows Ernest and Olive Williams and their pampered pooch outside their Clarendon Park shop. Candies and Cakes was a traditional sweet shop, where the goodies were weighed out into little paper bags, and it was run by the couple until Ernest’s death in 1964.

This picture was sent to me by Ernest and Olive’s granddaughter, Jacqui, who has fond memories of her grandparent’s shop. The couple lived in the rooms above Candies and Cakes and grew vegetables in the walled rear garden. Jacqui lives in Ireland now and she couldn’t remember the exact location of Candies and Cakes, but I think I’ve tracked it down. Any guesses?

A surprising number of residential homes in modern-day Clarendon Park started out their lives as shops. They’re usually easy enough to spot, either because they still have their original oversized windows or by the more recent frontage that was added during their conversion, setting the building apart from those around it.

This particular place has changed a fair bit since it was converted into a residential property in the late 1960s. Here is how it looks now – the address is 270 Clarendon Park Road.

Do you remember Candies and Cakes? Jacqui is keen to hear from anyone who remembers the shop or its owners – comment below if the photo has brought back your own memories of this particular chapter in Clarendon Park’s past.

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