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Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Clarendon Park

Feeling peckish? That’s handy. 2019 has seen a hat trick of new dining options in Clarendon Park that will keep you sated from breakfast right the way through to dinner. Read on for a whistle-stop culinary tour of Fresco, Al Maidah and the newly refurbished Clarendon pub.


This Italian eatery opened on Queen’s Road in April and is best known for its mammoth bowls of pasta with freshly-made sauces. But did you know that it also serves healthy smoothie bowls? Not only are these fruit and granola breakfast bowls delicious but they’re so huge there’s absolutely no chance you’ll be resorting to unhealthy snacks to see you through to lunch.

The Mango Dream smoothie bowl with granola, mango smoothie and pretty much every fruit you can think of.


Fresh Italian fare is always on the menu at Fresco. As well as smoothie bowls and humongous portions of pasta, there are fruit smoothies and an extensive tea and coffee menu.


Pasta for breakfast? I’m not judging you.

LUNCH: Al Maidah

Opening earlier this year with zero fanfare, this family-run Moroccan restaurant is already one of Queens Road’s best-kept secrets. If you’re a fan of north African cuisine, get yourself along to this absolute gem sharpish. The tagines are full of authentic flavour and mouth-wateringly juicy. Try the vegetable version with potatoes, courgettes, carrots, green peas and red olives. These humble ingredients become more than the sum of their parts thanks to traditional slow cooking and gentle spicing. And there’s lots of delicious Arabic bread to mop up every last little bit.

The traditional conical tagine keeps food moist by retaining the juices inside the pot.


Simple and comforting – what it lacks in aesthetic beauty this veggie tagine makes up for in flavour.

DINNER – The Clarendon

Clarendon Park’s favourite traditional pub is back. What’s more, it’s looking fabulous thanks to extensive refurbishments. The new owners have focused on the pub’s role as a sports bar with more big screens, comfy seating and real ales on tap. The food menu is impressively wide-ranging with plenty for veggies and vegans. And there’s nowhere better to enjoy the new nosh than the sun trap beer garden out back.

Haloumi skewers with a pineapple salsa – a perfect summer lunch.


The new-look Clarendon has been beautifully spruced-up without losing the traditional pub atmosphere.


This Thai ‘Red Card’ Curry packs a spicy punch and is available with tofu, chicken or prawns.


We’re spoilt for choice for places to eat and drink in Clarendon Park. Next time your planning a meal out consider one of these three new options. Not only will you get a fabulous meal, you’ll be supporting an independent local business.

Bon appetit.