The blog from the heart of Leicester's Clarendon Park

About Clarendon Park

In the south of Leicester, between London Road and Welford Road, tucked up against Victoria Park, is a little area of the city called Clarendon Park. At its heart is Queens Road, a distinctive shopping street where you might find yourself on a Sunday morning among families, students and young professionals in a 1940s Cuban American-themed bar, nursing a hangover and a Virgin Mary cocktail, waiting for a hearty brunch-time portion of bubble and squeak.

It’s a fun and fashionable part of town where you can spend an afternoon rummaging through vintage finds in second-hand shops, designing and making your own pottery, digging up potatoes on your allotment, or ending a jog around the park with a bit of people-watching outside an independent café.

A colourful and quirky medley: Queens Road isn’t your average high street

You want a pair of professional running shoes selected following a detailed gait analysis? How about a top-of-the-range fish tank complete with half a dozen peacock cichlids? A perfectly executed tattoo of a Lego storm trooper maybe? Clarendon Park is home to some fiercely independent, proudly local and very specialist shops. It’s also peppered with places of worship and small businesses and is home to a small but thriving bar and restaurant scene.

About me

Ruth at her writing desk

Neither myself nor my desk is usually quite this neat and tidy

My name is Ruth and I’m a copywriter (you can see some of my work on my website). I feel very lucky to live in a city as vibrant and diverse as Leicester, and this blog is my exploration and celebration of the particular, and sometimes peculiar, corner of the city I call home. With posts covering subjects as varied as architecture, second-hand clothes shops and allotments, my aim is to give you a real flavour of what Clarendon Park is all about and what makes it so special.

Whether you live in Clarendon Park, work here, study nearby, are a regular visitor, or are considering moving to the area, I’ve written this blog for you – I hope you enjoy reading it.